Some of the inspiration in my life - my sweet girls.

Hey! My name is Kimiko. Currently residing in Ontario, Canada, I spend a lot of my time thinking up stuff about knitting. This is my place to inspire you (if you already know how to knit) and help you with knitting (if you're a newbie). I will be making video tutorials that I will link you to. I will also provide free patterns on this blog. And if you're not in the mood to knit it (or crochet it), you can jump over to my Etsy shop and just buy it. Stay tuned, subscribe, add me to your Pinterest. I will be keeping this blog up to date for YOUR inspiration! ~ K Mc
Knitting Lessons

$80 for five one-hour lessons
$175 for ten one-hour lessons

All lessons include unlimited questions at any time you're stumped! You wouldn't believe how much you can learn in just a few sessions. Don't be scared off if you're completely inexperienced--I can patiently teach you exactly what you need to know...and you will learn more than just the basics.

So you wanna know a little bit more about the person behind all of this?

My name is Kimiko and I’m a 30-something chick who loves to create. As  long as I can remember I have been creating something or another, whether it was arts and crafts as a little kid, writing as a teenager, quilting in my twenties, learning to play guitar and strumming out a few songs, learning to knit and crochet soon after that, or putting it all together like I have in the last few years and doing it all, trying to find the best outlet for me. As a result, I have written two novels that have yet to be published, I have sewn many quilts, and I have yarned up (yeah I made that up) some pretty fantastic (and mostly not-so-fantastic) creations.

I also love to integrate cooking into my ever-imaginative repertoire and feel extremely at home in a well-stocked kitchen. I relish the idea of cooking prep and everything else that comes afterward, down to the looks on people’s faces when they taste the food.

I incorporate creativity into my daily life and as of late have settled on knitting as my all-around thing to do. I can bring it anywhere and I can do so much with it, which amazes people who don’t know how to do it. I do tend to jump from project to project in whatever thing I am currently involved in but that just keeps things interesting.

I have a vested interest in designing my own knitting patterns, in making tutorials to help other people learn how to knit or to expand their own creativity or to inspire them, and eventually (hopefully sooner than I think) having my own line of yarn. So that is why this blog and the YouTube videos I will be working on shortly was born. I feel I have something to share with the right people who look hard (or not so hard) to find me.

Other things about me: I have three beautiful daughters who are also super creative and have all picked up the knitting needles, have spent time cooking with me, have dabbled in their own writing adventures, and have done plenty of arts and crafts projects with me. Beyond that, they also have their own little creative niches like playing piano, guitar, ukulele, singing, making “interview” videos on my phone, making friendship bracelets, and much more. They are little vessels full of talent that has yet to be unleashed. They have inspired me in so many ways in my life.

Also, I am recently married to the love of my life who takes the very best care of me in ways I never could have imagined. We sometimes live in our own little world but that’s a good thing and it has made our first year together get stronger and stronger with each passing day. I can say he is my best friend and I can tell him anything even if it makes us both cry. We are so close and so bonded because of our intense desire to beat the odds of most of the marriages falling apart around us. We are expecting our first baby together in just mere months (this makes knitting fun–making tiny little outfits for a wee one) and are so excited.

Like I said, we do everything together, including working out and staying fit. This is something I will also eventually be working into my YouTube videos to change it up a little and make it fun (I think we are inspiring each other in this regard), thus the YouTube channel name Knit and Fit.

I am originally from the RI/Mass area in the States but have recently moved to Ontario, Canada, where my husband is from. We have many reasons for doing this and it was a big move for me, but like everything else in my life, I take something that could be very difficult, and turn it into something that is positive and successful. It’s not that different from where I grew up, but there are definite differences that I have noticed since I’ve been here. So I get the adventure of moving to a “foreign” country while still feeling like I am at home. There are different names for some things and I have found I have to ask questions for clarification sometimes but it’s really not a big deal, eh?

I haven’t been able to find Marshmallow Fluff or Cheezits or seltzer water here, along with no D’Angelo’s or Papa Gino’s. Sigh. But there are things here that I never saw at home that make it okay. And the drivers are WAY more courteous–for the most part.

Anyway, that’s a little bit about me. Feel free to ask questions or comment or make requests…I love to hear from others.

Have a great day!

~ Kimiko